E Cig Explodes in Girls Face!

Authorities responded to the Liquor Store on Sunday after an e-cigarette exploded, burning an employee and damaging the store, the Captain Kendal Bortisser said. "Materials from the e-cigarette cut the man’s face and shattered a glass display inside the store". He was taken to the burn unit to be treated for his injuries.

The man was listed in critical condition. The CDC recently raised concerns about e-cigarettes and the “poisonous” liquid nicotine.

With over 6 million people using e-cigs are explosions like these a cause for concern?

Thomas Kiklas (of the Tobacco Vapor Electronic Cigarette Association) ((yeah i didn't know that existed either)) said, “The only failures I’ve seen of that type are when the tip may pop off and a little bit of heat is dispelled but not explode at that level. Looking at the report I don’t see that level of damage as a possibility, with the units that they showed in the pictures. I've never heard of one that caused serious damage." He said, "all battery-operated devices like laptops, cell phones and e-cigs all have a propensity to explode."

Last month, the Federal Aviation Administration issued a warning to commercial airlines suggesting passengers put e-cigarettes in carry-on bags only.

An e-cigarette in luggage in the cargo hold of a plane at Boston’s Logan Airport caused a fire that spurred an airplane evacuation on the tarmac in August, FAA warned.

A similar incident occurred at Los Angeles International Airport baggage area in January.